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Train microclassifiers in the cloud for spam detection, sentiment analysis and more.


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Train your first microclassifier

Provide your training data as a CSV file mapping documents to classes

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Use your trained model

Query your model using our simple HTTP REST API


Provide your training data to Classr as a 2-column CSV file.

This file must have a "label" column containing class labels and a "document" column containing documents. A maximum file size of 4MB is supported for training your microclassifier.


Each microclassifier you create gives you, and everyone who knows your microclassifier ID, the ability to use it for classification (a POST request) or retrieve information about it (a GET request).

Get microclassifier info (GET)

$ curl<classifier-uuid>

Use microclassifier (POST)

$ curl --header "Content-Type: application/json" --request POST --data '{"document":"The text of the unseen document to classify!"}'<classifier-uuid>

Or install an SDK!

Classr SDK for Node.jsClassr SDK for Python
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